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Confessions of a Trend-Driven Tornado

Confessions of a Trend-Driven Tornado

Greetings, trendsetters! 🌪️ I'm Ashley, the unapologetic boutique owner who treats her space like a canvas in constant need of a fresh stroke of creativity. No area is safe from the whirlwind of Ashley, and I solemnly swear – no space I'm in will ever look the same twice. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the trend-filled chaos of my ever-evolving bathroom!


Change Hardware: Who needs a steady relationship with hardware when there are endless options to explore? Add personality or simply switch up the look – just ensure those tread patterns match. We're not rebels; we're trendsetters!


Peel and Stick Wallpaper: Commitment issues? Join the club! Peel and stick wallpaper is the remedy for the fickle-hearted. Doors, walls – if it stands still, it's fair game. Easy to work with and even easier to remove – because who needs permanence when trends are calling?


Paint a Cheap Vanity: Standard white vanity at Lowe's? Pfft, that's so last season. Grab a gallon of paint and let's paint the town (or at least the vanity) with options as endless as the trends themselves. Go on with your bad, trendsetting self!


Change the Mirror: Target and Home Goods are my playgrounds. Find a mirror that screams 'trendy' without breaking the bank. Our bathroom is the runway, and we're strutting our way to custom and expensive vibes without the hefty price tag.


Vinyl a Message: Drama, darling! Leave a message that's as impactful as my impromptu trend changes. With a friend and a silhouette machine, let's add a touch of theatrics to our bathroom. It's not just a space; it's a trendsetting stage!


Toilet Paper Holder: Classy moves only – even in the bathroom. Upgrade that holder because, let's face it, we're hoping you're putting your phone down to wipe. Trendy hygiene – who knew?


Add a Shelf: As my dear friend Meridith and I always say, "more is more." Cleverly display art, add a personal touch – our bathroom isn't just a room; it's an ever-evolving gallery of trends.


Signature Scent - Sweet Grace: Amidst the chaos, find your constant. Sweet Grace products – the unsung heroes of my life. Wash your sheets and towels in it; it's not just a scent – it's a trendsetter's lifestyle.


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