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Welcome to our vibrant and captivating space nestled within Stash—a haven where creativity meets celebration! Step into a world of endless possibilities, where workshops and parties come alive with fun and inspiration.
Our space is designed to ignite your imagination and foster a lively atmosphere for memorable experiences. From private workshops to joyous celebrations, we offer a versatile venue that caters to your unique needs.
Unleash your creativity in our dynamic workshops with Casey Reed Art where you can explore various crafts, arts, and skills. Whether it's painting, pottery, jewelry-making, or any other creative endeavor, our expert instructors will guide you through the process, encouraging self-expression and discovery.
Looking to host a special occasion? Our space transforms into the perfect setting for parties and events. Birthdays, bridal showers, team-building gatherings, and more—whatever the occasion, we have you covered. 
For those seeking exclusive experiences, our space is available for private bookings. Enjoy the perfectly curated space with places for photo ops every where you turn! Whether it's a team building activity, a social gathering, or a unique celebration, we provide the canvas for your imagination.
When you Book a BASH, creativity and celebration intertwine harmoniously. Watch as your ideas come to life, surrounded by an ambiance that sparks joy and fuels inspiration. With vibrant colors, ample natural light, and an inviting atmosphere, you and your guests will feel right at home.
Come join us, where creativity meets celebration, and let the magic unfold in our remarkable space!

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